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5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Glad I bought this very helpful :) By Don VERIFIED BUYER Make leveling the Pano head EASY! A must have.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Efficient and easy to use By xact VERIFIED BUYER I got this to replace a ball head that I was using to do panoramic shots. I use it in conjunction with a Nodal Ninja R10. I like that it has such a low profile and allows me to make the fine tune adjustments I need to get the camera level. I put a Manfrotto RC2 quick release adapter on so I can quickly transition from panos to POIs using the same tripod.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Excellent leveler, affordably priced By dmytrowp VERIFIED BUYER I am Google Photographer and I work for a Google Agency that specializes in virtual tours. This leveler is used for the panos (panoramic 360 images). It is a workhorse and a part that is vital to creating the panoramic images.Everything is excellent, the build quality is top notch. We've had a few other copies of this leveler for a few years and the only thing is that the adjustment knobs started to squeak a bit during adjusting, but a little wd - 40 on the threads and the leveler was as good as new.
Intrepid Tre'
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - EZ is the the word! By Intrepid Tre' The EZ Leveler is the key to speedy leveling and accurate bubble control for shooting panos. Was this review helpful to you?
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Very pleased By Allison This EZ leveler works great and saves me a lot of time! Wish I had ordered sooner!
John Wong
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Perferct for precise leveling By John Wong VERIFIED BUYER Well crafted and easy to handle, this is just what I needed for leveling my camera shooting interiors. I use a tilt shift lens for a lot of my shooting and this is much more precise and quicker getting to level than a 3 way or ball head. Using the head to adjust was always a fidgity trial and error, then re-adjust. When you are on location and the client is watching, it looks like you don't know what you are doing. That's the worst impression you can give them. Now, I get close with the head and it's a quick adjust of the knobs to level. The knobs feel substantial to my hands and can be adjusted in large or small incremental turns. They dial smoothly and don't bind. Attaching to the tripod and head is straightforward and easy. Solid, sturdy connections and no sloppiness. Highly recommended!!
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - this product make my work faster and easier By Monica VERIFIED BUYER I used this product to level the tripod and take pictures for the tour 360 degrees to google street view tour.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Light and useful By Paul VERIFIED BUYER I use this leveler as light weight option to level a NEX - 6. It works fine and is just what I needed for cylinfric panorama pics. I already owned a light Novoflex rotator: the combo is what I need for my backpack. I didn't tried larger DSLR with this combo.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - A Great Leveling Plate By John VERIFIED BUYER A really nice piece of gear. Works like a dream. This was purchased after trying to use the Manfroto 338 leveling base which is a poorly assembled unit and a waste of money.
5 stars - NN Reversible Brass Detent Rings for NN3 MkII Panoramic Head - Great Customer Service By Mim VERIFIED BUYER. I haven't had a chance to actually use the rings. I'm sure they will do the trick. I just wanted to mention that I purchased the nodal ninja starter kit and it was missing the rings. (I'm not sure how many were supposed to be in the kit) Anyway, I contacted customer service of the issue and they promptly sent me a set of seven no charge. I was pleased.

ADMIN NOTE: We include 2 rings with each kit (15/0 + 45/60)

5 stars - NN RD16-II Rotator - High quality material By Simon VERIFIED BUYER High quality
necati ufuk
5 stars - NN RD16-II Rotator - Compression screw is so small but it is working well By necati ufuk. Rotator is good design and working well but I tried to show 2 pictures how it looks like on different 2 leveler. Compression screw is so small an is close to base, I think that it is not big deal because when you already use rotator, I have not experience about rotator but my opinion you will not to need to see chart of angle degree when you work it.
5 stars - NN RD16-II Rotator - Worth the price By Gerald VERIFIED BUYER. Plan on using for all of my panos. The preset stops are a godsend. Especially in low or no light.
5 stars - NN M2 NO Rotator - Just Right For My Needs By rlstoz VERIFIED BUYER. The Ultimate M2 is a beautifully crafted piece of equipment and it's a joy to use. After shooting more than 100 panos and mosaics with this rig, under a variety of conditions, I am confident this is the right tool for my needs. Those needs mostly include shooting mosaics, using my best mid focal length lenses, to produce hi-res images suitable for large prints. The M2 makes that about as easy as possible. I bought the head without the RD8-II rotator because I wanted to use the RD16-II rotator instead. The RD16-II is better suited to the focal lengths I use. Shooting very long focal lengths to produce ultra hi-res images is not something I do often. I mostly use this rig for shooting mosaics using lenses in the 24mm to 100mm (EFL) range. These mosaics range from 4 shots up to 72 shots resulting in wide to ultra-wide images after stitching. Most of them stitch without problems in the most recent version of Lightroom - no need for dedicated pano software. This rig requires a solid tripod and it's quite heavy so it is not very portable (I use a much smaller pano head and tripod for the backcountry) but, once set up, it makes panos and mosaics easy to shoot. I chose the M2 specifically because it is very precise and, coupled with the rotator, allows me to shoot multi-shot images with a minimum of effort. Every adjustment on the M2 is precise and very solid. It is manufactured to extremely high standards. It is more than adequate in every way. If you are new to multi-shot panos and mosaics consider that to really take advantage of this rig you will need to make quite detailed setup notes specific to your equipment and situation. This takes more than a little time. You will need to note at least three positions on the scales of the M2 for each camera/lens combination. For zooms lenses you may want more details. If you are not willing to take the time to make and use accurate setup notes you will not gain much/any benefit from this head!
5 stars - NN RD5 Rotator - Don't be surprised by the small package! By Justin VERIFIED BUYER This is a solid rotator base! It's easy to set up and start using quickly. A cool feature that wasn't mentioned in the product page, the indint resistence is adjustable with a hex key that's included. I can see this feature being useful with cameras of varying weight. I put it pretty loose and it works perfect with my 6D. I would recommend this product.
4 stars - R-D3L 6-8-30 Rotator with Built-In EZ-Leveler-MKII - Nodal Ninja Rotator MKII By Erv VERIFIED BUYER Very easy to install, setup for desired shots and the level is very accurate.
Rich Lewis
4 stars - NN R1 - Great for a Fisheye Lens Only By Rich Lewis VERIFIED BUYER. We are shooting more and more 360x180 panoramas and this is an easy to set up and use panorama head for fisheye lenses. Get the right ring mount for the lens you are using and your panorama set up is a easy as leveling the tripod and attaching the camera and lens.
5 stars - NN M2 w/ RD8-II Rotator - Best design at this time By Brock. I have worked with the Really Right Stuff panorama gear and the Nodal Ninja provides more functionality and at a lower total cost. In particular the ability to set the degrees of rotation and have a click mechanism is what sets it apart. I do not need to try to find 2.5 degree increments on a scale but can instead rely on the click to tell me when to take the next shot. This saves a lot of time and makes it easier to shoot in low light settings as well. The start and end tabs of the rotators also make it easy to have multi-row shots start and end at the same place. This is a well thought out piece of equipment by people who actually shoot panoramics. Lots of refinements that are not found on other pano setups that are in this price range. A small thing perhaps but I like that they provide a very good storage case for all the parts. With Really Right Stuff I had to buy a third part neoprene case that was expensive and not all that well designed for actual use in the field.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Quality. Well made Panoramic gear By Anthonyt VERIFIED BUYER. Quality made panoramic gear. Easily assembled and easy to use. Comes in a custom carrying case. I have been very impressed with this setup and would recommend it to anyone interested in taking serious panoramas.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Best Panoramic Kit Available!! By Mike. I use this with the Nikon D800E and the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 G lens. I also have the MB-D12 Battery Grip. This is one of Nodal Ninja's top of the line Pano kits and is a must if you are shooting with large lens. The kit does come with a lot of spare parts, but I consider this a good thing. If you follow the guides on Nodal Ninja's website it is pretty straight forward to setup. You can also call or email them. They are very helpful if you get stuck. For this setup I needed the following to shoot landscape with my rig and get a full 360.
5 stars - I love the M1 - L with RD16 II By Cecil VERIFIED BUYER I got this product about a week ago and wow! Very well made, easy to use, easy to set up in the field, simple operation and excellent results. My panorama stitching is seamless. Really excellent designed product for the serious panoram pro!
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - awesome By bodywise VERIFIED BUYER. This is an awesome addition. Finally, you can shoot panos in rows with any lens. The click stops are poorly explained in the "documentation" but once figured out, is a snap. Click, click, click. I easily produced a vertical set pano 10 across in 3 rows. Using AutoPan (not PS), I produced a flawless pano with a 70 mm lens thus reducing barrel and lens distortion. Highly recommended. Highly crafted. Just beware that the "documentation" is non - existant. A sad commentary on a developing trend. "Just look it up." If you dig deep enough there are some good references.
Museum Photographer
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Top Notch By Museum Photographer VERIFIED BUYER This thing is solid. if you're using a DSLR to create panos then you need a tripod head that won't budge unless you want it to. With the Nodal Ninja you're paying for that quality engineering. The Swiss Arca system is simple and effective and you will find an assortment of accessories for your needs.I am using the Nodal Ninja for creating 360 panoramas to be used in virtual tours. Put it on a sturdy heavy tripod and you will get the precision required to minimize stitching errors and correction time. Don't forget to order an adapter that fits your specific camera.It comes in a nice quality case, doesn't fit perfectly inside but it looks & feels good!
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Nice and stable By twofun VERIFIED BUYER. Nice and stable product. you can take panorama without any problem.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Very fine piece of equipment By photoed VERIFIED BUYER. I was trying to get a wide view of home interiors with very little distortion. I have a Nikon 14-24mm lens that gives me more than an enough coverage but my clients complain about the distortion. So I bought this panoramic head hoping by stitching several images together so I could get a photo with very little distortion. I tried it every which way I could think of. It just didn't work out. I gave it 5 stars because its an incredible piece of equptment, very precise. If you get this you must get the Nodal Ninja Ez-Leveler - Ii it will save you tons of time.

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