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Rob, My shipment just arrived... as an engineer I love the design, fit/finish, robustness and packaging of the products. As a photographer I’ve made over 600 panoramas using Nodal Ninja. Look forward to making pole panoramas, John
5 stars - M1 Series with RD16-II
5 stars - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - Excellent product ByA.H. - After trying out 2 other pano heads, this one is the most convenient and produces flawless results. Everything seems to be made under very tight tolerances so it feels SOLID. I think the price is good for the quality. Quick to set up, easy to use.
A. Schoenfeld
5 stars - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - The company that makes this is so helpful. I ordered the nikon version and not the Canon version. My mistake. Nodal Ninja swapped out the parts at no cost to me. I use this for panoramas and it works perfectly - By A. Schoenfeld - Verified Purchase
R. L. Stolz.
4 stars - M1 Series with RD16-II - Ultimate is an accurate description! By R. L. Stolz. This head is beautifully made and very well thought out. I shoot panos and mosaics fairly often and this head makes the process as easy as it can be. The machining is truly superb and it will certainly not a limiting factor for any photo but it's quite expensive. It is possible to put together a similar rig for much less money, using an assortment of rails and rotators from companies like Desmond, SunwayFoto and others, but the convenience of this design is superior. Although it may be overkill for single row panos, if you intend to shoot mosaics often this head will simplify the process compared to less comprehensive options. The horizontal rotator (RD-16) can be easily calibrated to a zero mark to start and end rows. Stacking rows for mosaics is also easy. I sometimes shoot 7 or 8 images per row in a 4 row mosaic, resulting in 32 or more images. Once the head (takes very little time) and camera (might take a bit more time) are set up, there is very little thought involved in shooting a pano or mosaic. The click stops and precision scales make it easy to shoot 32 or more images very quickly. Resulting in huge stitched images with vast numbers of pixels, this method works well for very large prints (wall size). Prints smaller then 24x36" may not benefit much and the hassle may outweigh the benefit. If you are shooting with very long lenses you may want to look into other options from Nodal Ninja but for typical focal lengths the RD-16 is a great option. If you are new to multi-shot images get ready for considerable work pre and post processing but the resulting images can be truly stunning. This is not the kind of rig you'll want to hike with for miles! For backcountry work I usually pare things down to a simple rotator and rail, which is much lighter.
Thomas O'Brien
5 stars - M1 Series with RD16-II - the best panoramic head that you can currently buy By Thomas O'Brien - Verified Purchase - the best panoramic head that you can currently buy. I have been using this professionally for the last few years and there is nothing on the market that even comes close to ease of use. the click stops on the rotator are so great when shooting in low light or at night. You never need to frame the shot through the viewfinder,
5 stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series Excellent
5 stars - Five Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - Best brand on panoramic hardware
5 stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - it is good for panorama 360x360 with ninja n4
5 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - The easiest way to have a perfect level. With it is simple and fast to get a perfect level in all directions, I removed the ball head of my tripod and attached it directly. It does not come with a level so I use, the one that come with the Nodal Ninja.
Chantil Brown
5 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - Love the Leveler :) By Chantil Brown - Verified Purchase - Awesome device! This is exactly what I need to start my new job doing virtual tours. This makes shooting more precise.
Murilo T Melloon
5 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - Five Stars By Murilo T Melloon - Verified Purchase - The leveler is nice and was arrived fast.
4 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - This item could be the simplest thing on earth but at the end of the day it will make your life easier. Instead of adjusting the tripod all you need to do is quickly adjust the handles and you will have your camera leveled to a degree of perfection. I strongly recommend this product from nodal ninja. Price is reasonable and it is build in rough materials that will last forever.
Samir Al-Busaidy
5 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - I love it! By Samir Al-Busaidy - Verified Purchase - I love it! I t works well with my Canon Rebel Lxi, but it shows in my Canon 70D!! However using the older camera I'm now able to create Google virtual tours without showing any parts of my camera gadgets (tripods or parts of camera control)
5 stars - EZ-Leveler-II - Does its job - DNelon Verified Purchase - Works great. Does exactly as described. Is made of high quality materials that should last many years.
RJ Rockwell
5 stars - By RJ Rockwell - Was on time and met my specifications.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - Perfect Panoramas! This thing has taken me to the next level in taking great panos! Stitching software easily recognizes anchor points as paralaxing issues are eliminated, thus saving me hours upon hours of work. Expensive as far as 'gadgets' go, but worth its weight in gold.
Joe M.
4 stars - Amazing product for small size lenses - By Joe M. - Verified Purchase - I have a Canon 7D with an 8mm fisheye lens, and the nodal ninja is amazing for this type of body and lens and for spherical 360 x 180. It's strong and steady and it does what it's supposed to. I have faced some issues when taking "up" shots with a bigger lens like 10.20mm or 24.70mm. These lenses are too big for this product.

ADMIN NOTE: NN3 is recommended for lenses up to 50mm

4 stars - Beautifully Machined - Verified Purchase - This is a very nicely made product with excellent support from the manufacturer that performs its intended function perfectly as long as your camera is not too big. A Panasonic GH2 with Olympus 75mm lens fits with a little room to spare. My only complaint is the documentation. It comes with several bags of extra parts and only a printed brochure - no assembly instructions or operating instructions. After some searching I was able to locate these on their web site, but the instructions are not very detailed. Eventually it all makes sense, but don't expect to start using it right out of the box. If you want to use this with Arca-Swiss Q/R plates, you will have to purchase a lever - operated clamp from some other manufacturer as the clamp they sell is operated by a thumb screw that interferes with the operation of the device. In fairness they warned me it was not recommended and offered to let me return it if it didn't work.
Daniel S.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja 3 MKII starter package - By Daniel S. - Professional - I'm pleased with the product and the support that I received in ordering it as well as the online instructional support from Nodal Ninja.
4 stars - Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator Handle - What you expect, and convenient to use By Nick VERIFIED BUYER The Nodal Ninja Rotator handle is a convenience.
Mr. 360
5 stars - Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator Handle - Better than grabbing the camera to turn for 360's but it... By Mr. 360 VERIFIED BUYER I like using it to turn the camera with out touching the camera but it should have come with the Nodal Ninja Ultimate Rotator. I love my ultimate rotator, the quality is amazing. This should have come with the kit even if it would cost 10 bucks more. I think everyone with a rotator will enjoy this better than grabbing the camera. That's my only complaint is it should have been part of the kit but either's worth the 10 bucks! Nodal Ninja makes great equipment for 360's.
4 stars - Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator Handle - Very necessary By Len VERIFIED BUYER It may just be me, but I found this handle to be a very necessary addition to the Ninja. Although I could easily rotate the rig using the camera itself, it just doesn't feel like the right thing to do.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - On the Level ...Really By RVDigitalBoy VERIFIED BUYER I bought the EZ Leveler II in order to shoot level panoramas with my new Nodal Ninja M1L panorama head. It works as advertised. I attach the EZ Leveler II to my sturdy Manfroto tripod. To the EZ I attach the M1L. Using the M1l's bubble level I make adjustments to my tripod's ball head. Then I fine tune the level with the EZ until the bubble is centered. That's all there is to it.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - A must when it comes to leveling! By Rodasaurusrex VERIFIED BUYER I use the EZ Leveler with my Nodal Ninja panoramic head... absolutely perfect when it comes to ease of use and great results! I highly recommend!

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