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Just getting started with my NN gear and am very happy with it. - hlmj58
Tony R.
I predominantly shoot 360˚ panoramas promoting expedition travel so I need rugged precision equipment that I can rely on when I'm shooting in remote locations of the world. I've used Nodal Ninja products for over 15 years and I can always count on the products and the company to keep me shooting in all situations. - Tony R.
Stephan N.
I'd like to express my greatest thanks to the staff of Nodal Ninja! Today my friend brought the NN6 from the U.S. to Bogotل/Colombia. It's really a nice tool - but your service was awesome! The parcel arrived just in time without any delay. Best regards - Stephan N.
Sebastian, Germany
Hi Jan, thank you for your answer and your very useful information and answer to my question. I like your support very much and will tell all my photographer friends about my good experience with your customer support. Regards from Germany - Sebastian, Germany
Jack S. Singapore
NN3 MK3 + Nadir Adapter w/ Lower Rotator D10 Pkg (F3321) - Dear Jason, Just to let you know I recently did my first pano since receiving the product. It works fantastic and easy to use. Love it and will look forward to create more wonderful panos in future. Regards - Jack S. Singapore
James W.
By the way, we have already purchased and have been using two of these kits and have been so impressed with their versatility and performance that when we needed another to keep up with our increasing workload your product remains our tool of choice. - James W.
Hi Thuy, This is all I needed, thank a lot for helping me with this issue. As usual best service ever!!! 100% recommended with my friends. Saludos - Ubaldo
FB Germany
Hi, just received the NN6 and must say... I'M PRETTY IMPRESSED!!! what a step since NN5 !!! - FB Germany
Robert R.
Just thought I would tell you how much I like the NN6. I switched camera and lens, and now use a Lumix G9 with an Olympus M. Zuiko Pro 8mm f/1.8 Diagonal Fisheye. The NN6 worked perfectly with my Nikon D810 and Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Diagonal Fisheye, but the Lumix/Olympus MFT kit gives me great quality at a huge savings in weight, with an articulating screen that lets me check at a glance that my feet are not in the picture! I am creating Little Planets from three rows, 6 pictures per row. Please take a quick look at one of my latest: {link}. My 2016 Hidden Trails printed to 40”x40” metal sold for top dollar at auction in April for the benefit of the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery {link}. I now have a studio at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery for production and display of more Little Planets. I have just placed an order for an EZ-Leveler II, and look forward to integrating it into my work flow. When in the field, 10 minutes saved on a shot is a big deal, and gives me incentive to capture an extra set of Little Planet images at a new location. Thanks. - Robert R.
R20 - Great, thanks for the link Jason. I appreciate the positive support in going forward with this. I do think there are a lot of possibilities to make money with this and I’m looking forward to starting. - Anonimous
Hi Jason Letting you know I received the package today just in time for the nice weather in May and June. thanks again for all your help in tracking down my order. your grateful customer - Rob
Rehmatullah N. NN3 MK3 - Excellent product! It's an excellent product. The delivery was on time and really happy for extra dent ring because I had ordered a wrong stops dent ring with my purchase. - Rehmatullah N.
Aleaxanger W. EZ-Leveler-II - very easy to use, fast delivery good price. - Aleaxanger W.
Danny A. EZ-Leveler-II - Well made and use full piece of tech. Very sturdy and easy to use. - Danny A.
Dear Jason, .....I appreciate your efforts to support my issues. Have a great week! Kind regards - MONI
Brendon G.
Thank you very much Jason. Can’t recommend you guys enough – again you go above and beyond. Simply Awesome. Kind Regards - Brendon G.
Jordon E.
Bill, Nick, Jan, Thank you all for the quick response and excellent service. (And if course the supreb product) - Jordon E.
David W.
Jason Thanks for the awesome customer service! - David W.
Ken S.
Hi Bill, Love the workmanship of the R1. It is a work of art. - Ken S.
I've just ordered the NN6 and RD10 rotator with the hope that the motorised system becomes available this year :) my NN3 has been heavily abused over the years but still working well lol - Anonimous
Hey guys, Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your efforts in overnighting (first thing) the correct rail. I ended up having to use one of my other 360 heads because I didn’t have time to test with my Nodal Ninja before the shoot. But I have tested it since then, and I must say I am impressed! Thanks for a great product and great support! Cheers - John
Dave M.
5 Stars - The M2 Giga is an excellent pano head for heavy cameras and larger telephotos. I bought it to shoot cylindrical and flat panos using focal lengths beginning at 35mm. When you mount a lens around 100mm or more, the features of the M2 really begin to stand out, including that it’s rock solid. For instance, with a 200mm lens mounted on a full frame Canon, I elevate 7.5 degrees and rotate 5 degrees, moves that are positive and easy with this head. I think the M2 is faster and easier to use than a robotic head, but I’m assuming the photog in question already has pano experience. For example, to shoot a flat pano that covers, say 120 degrees FOV, looking at the viewfinder, I figure out what exposure I should use by moving to different parts of the scene to double check my exposure estimations (easy and fast with a manual head). I then move the camera to the left, right, top, and bottom to figure out what the limits are for this picture–moves that are also fast and direct with a manual head. After focusing, depending on the DOF of the lens that’s being used, I set the scale on the rotator to 0 for left-most rotator position (this is a great feature of the M2 head). That way I only have to remember one number at my far-right stop point. Depending on the pano head you’re currently using, you may have to convert the A and B distances for this head, since the scales don’t start at 0, as they do with the NN3 or NN5. Here’s a specific example that might help. On a NN5, the correct settings for a Canon 5DS with a 24-105 lens at 105 would be: A = 58, B = 66.5. The values for the same camera and lens on the M2 Giga would be A = 128, B = 96.5. For my setup, I add 70 to convert A from NN5 to M2 Giga and add 30 to the NN5 B distance for the M2 setting (I have the upper rail of the M2 starting at the 30mm mark on the scale). Here’s an example of a 1.5 gigapixel pano taken with this head, Canon 5DS, 200mm. The panorama will auto play for a bit over 3 minutes. Furthermore, this was shot on a cloudy winter day–the subject is the new arena where the Detroit Red Wings & Pistons play and downtown Detroit. I don’t work for Nodal Ninja and would not recommend anything if I didn’t think it was good, even if I had been foolish enough to buy it. Here’s another auto play but taken with a 105mm: - Dave M.
P360 Photography
5 Stars - Odd hours makes ordering things to be posted a few days delayed but customer service is top notch and products are too. Good packaging and quick turnaround considering hours. - P360 Photography
Joel E.
5 Stars - I own several pano heads from Acratech to Really Right Stuff but out of all my favorites have to be the Nodal Ninjas very accurate mounts and consistent results each time the i have a few of there models and love them all there poles are also really good i just got the Travel Pole and been very satisfied it works great with my R1. I usually get my stuff from B&H but i recently order an R20 direct from Nodal Ninja and some how the package got lost by the mail and they send me another right away amazing service and very attentive in the phone great customer service highly recommended. - Joel E.
Mario M., Spain
5 Stars - Marca nْmero 1 en rَtulas panorلmicas. La uso desde el aٌo 2008, tengo una muy buena parte de todo su catلlogo: rَtulas, mلstiles, accesorios, etc. Productos de gran duraciَn y con un precio muy favorable. La atenciَn de Bill Balley es excelente. - Mario M., Spain

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