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David W
Great gear and easy to use. Email support was fantastic for my order last year. - David W
Gregory Q
I’ve relied on and recommended NN gear for’s virtual tour shoots in Western Canada. gear and extremely useful forums. I’ll be talking to my brother Ben about joining your affiliate program. Keep up the top notch work. - Gregory Q
alphons n
I use Nodal Ninja gear for ages (feels like it ;-) for all my panoramas @ But can use the Complete Single Row Automated Mecha Panoramic Head to keep me going... And important: The best service world wide! - alphons n
Peter L
Have used Nodal Nija products previously and think they're first rate. - Peter L
Fernando C
Nodal Ninja, the best panoramic head in the market! - Fernando C
Terry A
Still have my sph2 but use my NN3 M2 now, I wrote to Nick about automation back when I first had it, but he had far too much on his plate, developing the Nodal Ninja systems we know today. Good to see that he has managed to follow through, and incorporate automation into his systems. - Terry A
Wausau 360
Nodal Ninja has been an innovator for the panoramic photographer for decades and is continuing to invest, invent, and inspire us with new products to utilize in this field. - Wausau 360
360 graden panorama fotografie
Using the Nodal Ninja products makes making 360's and panoramic photos so more easy. it gives me a smile when I use it! Nice job Nodal Ninja team! - 360 graden panorama fotografie
Using Nodal Ninja pano heads since 2008. Still using my unbreakable NN5 and my R10 with lot of satisfaction. Keep up the good work guys! - Guillaume G - FRANCEPANORAMA
Graham M
Great video! Nodal Ninja has quality all over it. I’v been doin 360s with your gear for many years now and it’s totally reliable to get the job done. A high five from me. - Graham M
I know about Nodal Ninja since 2007 when I was interested in purchasing NN3 and also I know Mr. Bill Bailey from panoramic forum (that site is no longer on-line)... All I can say is: great product! Keep up! - eugen360
I've been a Nodal Ninja customer for, I think, about 12 years. I can't begin to imagine how many panoramas I have taken with, firstly, my NN3, then my R1 and, more recently, my NN6. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the NN robots as I am sure they are as well designed and made as the rest of the Nodal Ninja range. - bridevalley
Daniel M
My panoramic equipments has always been nodal ninja. Excellent opportunity to obtain a Mecha + R1. - Daniel M
Torsten K
The Mecha + R1 panorama head would be a great relief for my work as Google Street View photographer. - Torsten K
Roger M
My Nodal Ninja head is always with me! Never know when it will be needed. 99% of the time, I use my fisheye lens with it. The Mecha + R1 would be a dream come true. - Roger M
Luke S
I bought my first Nodal Ninja over 10 years ago and still have it. - Luke S
Great company Fantastic gear - 360panoramavideo
David S
Looking forward to it!! my hands are getting tired spinning hundreds of time a day! - David S
Steven P
Nodal Ninja is the best! It's been great to see the Mecha evolve and be designed with customer input over in the panographer group on FB. - Steven P
Osama A
I love Nodal Ninja due it's robust quality and ease of use along with great many features! - Osama A
Les M
I learned my lesson after buying a cheap pano heap. Now the proud owner of an R10, R1 adjustable tilt and NN6. Now only ever buy NN products. - Les M
Use my NN3 from 2007 and NN5 from 2010. 130 museums, 70 theatres, 30 churches, hundreds of another objects shooted with NN. I'm very satisfied! - Livepano
Jensen F
Love my Nodal Ninja - great product and great service! - Jensen F
Christian M
I use the NN3 Mk2 with my D850 and the 20mm F1.8 or the 8-15 3.5-4.5 at 12mm and get great results - Thank you guys from NodalNinja for such good hardware. - Christian M
Indivar S
Used the Ninja 4 with the D800E with different lenses to great affect. Well - made piece of equipment. - Indivar S

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