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Mok Oh, CEO at Moju Labs
Nodal Ninja is one of the best, if the the best, tripod heads I've used. Bill's products made panoramic photography simple, affordable, and portable. - Mok Oh, CEO at Moju Labs
Sacha Griffin, Owner, Southern Digital Solutions LLC
Billy Bailey's and his site goes above and beyond in delivering a great product with great service. - Sacha Griffin, Owner, Southern Digital Solutions LLC
Scott Lerman, CEO at Lucid Brands
One of the best companies I've ever worked with. Innovative, in-tune with what customers need, and the nicest, most helpful customer service you'll find anywhere. Anywhere! - Scott Lerman, CEO at Lucid Brands
The great thing about Bill and his Nodal Ninja business is that he treats all his customers, even the small ones the same way as he did in the beginning. Patiently and thoroughly with great service. This together with briliant products means a lot to me ... - Ondrej Brunecky, Photographer and owner of businesses -
Benedict Kim, Photographer
I've been using the Nodal Ninja product line literally since the beginning of my career as a panoramic photographer. This product line is excellent and robust. - Benedict Kim, Photographer
Terry Montague, Partner at Regal 360 L.L.C.
I reached out to Bill a while back when deciding on which panoramic camera head would be best suited for my set up. There are very few people I know with the integrity, and honesty, required to make such a recommendation. Bill earned my respect that day, and I recommend Bill's products to everyone I meet. I have yet to hear a single complaint. - Terry Montague, Partner at Regal 360 L.L.C.
Radek Piotrowski, Owner, ELBIT
Very good heads and equipment for panoramas, even better service. I recommend to everyone. - Radek Piotrowski, Owner, ELBIT
Greg V. USA
I have used a Nodal Ninja NN5 for the past 4 years. It has been a rock star for me all over the world. I have photographed 750,000 fans and countless panos without a hitch. This past weekend on a shoot in Las Vegas the upper rotator tension knob stripped and I had to improvise,(see photo). Contacted Bill Bailey over the weekend and talked to Rob at NN headquarters today. My trusty NN5 will be whole again by the end of this week. Great products and above & beyond service. Love these guys. - Greg V. USA
Robert F. USA
Bill and the others are great guys, excellent service! - Robert F. USA
Museum Photographer
5 Stars - Top Notch - M1L w/RD16-II review: This thing is solid. if you're using a DSLR to create panos then you need a tripod head that won't budge unless you want it to. With the Nodal Ninja you're paying for that quality engineering. The Swiss Arca system is simple and effective and you will find an assortment of accessories for your needs.I am using the Nodal Ninja for creating 360 panoramas to be used in virtual tours. Put it on a sturdy heavy tripod and you will get the precision required to minimize stitching errors and correction time. Don't forget to order an adapter that fits your specific camera.It comes in a nice quality case, doesn't fit perfectly inside but it looks & feels good! - Museum Photographer
Keith Martin UK
My Ninja is still going strong. He pops up unexpectedly in random places: sitting on the rear view mirror, in the fridge, in a coat pocket... NOBODY expects Ninja! - Keith Martin UK
5 Stars/Ultimate M1-L With RD16 II Rotator: Nice and stable. nice and stable product. you can take panorama without any problem. - Comments by twofun
Richard F. Australia
Hi Anthony - I wanted to thank you most sincerely for going above and beyond in dealing with my EZ Leveller II issue. The replacement Leveller arrived last week, only a few days after I sent my old one off to you. This suggests you dealt with it pretty much as soon as it arrived on your doorstep - I appreciate the speedy service! I also wanted to acknowledge the fact that you were under no obligation to do so - so thanks again. The Nodal Ninja pano head, rotator and Leveller have served me flawlessly since I purchased them. I am very happy with the results I am getting (perfect stitching every time!) and recommend the Nodal Ninja system without reservation. The after sales service is icing on the cake! Cheers mate. - Richard F. Australia
Kevin H. Vermont
Hi Bill, I am a long time user of your panoramic gear - I helped co-found our company in 2007, and we use all Nodal Ninja equipment - we have dozens of of them. - - Kevin H. Vermont
Libbie Martin
Rob, thank you so much for your fantastic customer service! I appreciate you sending me a new leveler! - Libbie Martin
John W. Perth Australia
I love my Nodal Ninja stuff and highly recommend them to all pano photographers I meet and teach. In fact I was gutted that I had thought South African Airways had lost my Travel Pole and a ton of other gear on my recent trip to Africa. But I was lucky and got it back and it was a very happy reunion! - John W. Perth Australia
Carsten R. Germany
Just love the product line. Got so many Fanotec products. And with Vincèn Pujol I have a very good purveyor who leaves no questions unanswered. That too is very important to me! - Carsten R. Germany
Timo N. Finland
Just now you have available everything I can think to need for my purposes :) I like your style to run your business... :) - Timo N. Finland
Martin B. USA
5 out of 5: "They did a great job of timely delivery with nice packaging. - Martin B. USA
Ahamd A. USA
5 out of 5: "A+" - Ahamd A. USA
5 out of 5: "The way all sales should be! I highly recommend this seller."
Salvatore C. Mexico
5 out of 5: "excellent!" - Salvatore C. Mexico
Awesome product, just what I needed for my NN4. Thanks! Nodal Ninja Nadir Adapter for NN3 NN4 NN5 panaoramic travel photography
Seller of going to a meeting on all matters thanks Nodal Ninja Nadir Adapter for NN3 NN4 NN5 panaoramic travel photography.
Awesome Seller, highly recommended!!! Nodal Ninja 4 Tripod Head for DSLR panoramic photography travel real estate.

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