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Aaron P. → M2 Giga w/RD8-II
M2 Giga - Total game changer. - Aaron P.
You're living up to your online reputation for "A+++" personal service. - Anonimous
Craig C.
You guys rock!! - Craig C.
Rarely do I receive a product that exceeds my expectations. You have done just that! I’m a tool and die maker and I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the design and workmanship of the products you sent me. Set it up and took it out for a test run over the weekend and it works perfectly. Again, thanks for making a proper product that performs as advertised. Thanks - Csaba
Martin M.
Any product produced by Nodal Ninja will be reliable, durable made with highest quality. and performance. - Martin M.
Shane B Virtual Marketing 360
Nodal Ninja is by far the best of the best!! Been working with them since 2009! This Mecca looks dope!!! Cool video and keep up the great work. - Shane B Virtual Marketing 360
Toni F
Nodal Ninja customer since 2010, best hardware and customer service for panoramic photographers in the world. I need this Mecha to complete my setup :) - Toni F
The perfect solution for those of us that want to make panos and not have to carry a lot of additional heavy equipment to get that perfect image. - tjcuneo
Jorge H
Nodal Ninja, best hardware in the world!! - Jorge H
Weds Guru
Don't dare to use any other product/brand for google street view. Have been through all of them. Nodal Ninja is the best. - Weds Guru
Been shooting many thousands of 360°s with your kit for well over a decade now. And over those years I've lost track of the amount of folk who ask - when I explain I shoot 360°s with a camera and fisheye lens - if the camera moves on its own. Mecha will FINALLY allow me to answer "well yes, it does!" :-D Thanks and keep up the great work! - antilimited
Franco M
More example videos and I'll keep buying as long as you keep including a handwritten thank you in every order. - Franco M
Ken B
Been using my NN3 Mkll for almost 10 years. Still works great. Added a few carbon fiber poles, 20ft and travel versions over time. While tempted by drone tech, the poles cover 99% of my community pano shooting needs. Great products. Thanks. - Ken B
Florian N
I've been shooting panoramas using NN gear all around the world's most remote locations even as high as Camp 3 on Mount Everest. If I need to rely on my gear NN products are the choice to go! - Florian N
Please, more videos... and thanks for the tip on the Quick Mount Mini Adapter System. - ImmersivePictures
Awesome, Now all I have to do is run around the camera to hide or find a hiding spot. Great work team on bring a great product to market. - Immersive360VR
Felipe G
I´ve been using NN products since 10 years ago. I guess the new Mecha would be a great addition to my workflow. - Felipe G
Howell Photographic Arts
Love the innovation you're driving. The Mecha is a great example. It's be great to have it in my kit bag! - Howell Photographic Arts
Was considering all 360 camera like theta z1 as upgrade to theta S. Still not convinced - DSLR always miles away in quality. With Mecha it would be great to have hands free workflow with the same template, without generating any control points. Only verticals left. - B B
You all are awesome! I love your videos and have been creating giga-pixel panoramas for the past 11 years and have always wanted a Nodal Ninja so I don't have to keep fixing all the parallax errors that come with photographing panoramas without a Nodal Ninja. - Esperas
I love your products... Can't get enough, if I had enough money that is.... Lol. - rw
keke d
Rock Solid Gear right down to the last detail. Love my Ninja stuff! - keke d
Wayne J
I have had many many hours of fun with my NN6 I seem to be obsessed with using it, hasn't been off my tripod since December. - Wayne J
brendon g
Thanks for the great content on using this bad boy. - brendon g
Sounds like such a cool device! Although I love the NN3 setup I use now, the Mecha, once I dial in a couple of the presets, will make setup & shooting so much smoother, faster. I might take a few more panos that I would have bypassed before just because I was too lazy to go through the setup. Have I mentioned, SO cool?! - mb


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