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Fanotec Multi-cam Trigger

Fanotec Multi-cam Trigger
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NOT compatible with Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic, Ricoh or other camera that uses one input pin for focus and shutter release.

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Fanotec Multi-cam Trigger

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  • SKU: F9987
  • Size: 46x36x18mm
  • Weight: 23g, 0.8oz.
  • UPC Code: 641378090226

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Fanotec Multi-cam Trigger safely splits a dual-channel input signal into four dual-channel outputs, splitting control input to multiple cameras. The on board double action switch allows you to use it as a standalone trigger or test camera array quickly.


  • All 4 output ports are diode isolated, one camera will not affect another.
  • Compatible with cameras that use separate input pins for focus and shutter controls, eg Contax, Canon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Pentax, Nikon, Sigma and Sony.
  • Velcro strap for easy mounting to different devices.
  • 2 input ports can be daisy-chained to allow tens or hundreds of cameras to be triggered at the same time.
  • All ports are equipped with ESD diodes to protect your cameras and controlling device from ESD damages.
  • All ports utilise a 3-pole 2.5mm female jack. A remote shutter release cable is required for each camera. An input cable with a 2.5mm plug is also needed, use F9980-1 for MECHA.
  • Cables sold separately.

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