Advanced Rotator Panning Clamp PCD5$199.95 Save $59.9815% OFF US$139.97
SKU: F1195Advanced Rotator Panning Clamp PCD5Add to Cart
NN3 MKII Starter Package$99.95 Save $30.0010% OFF US$69.95
SKU: F3500XNN3 MKII Starter Package: Factory IrregularAdd to Cart
M1-L w/RD16-II$424.96 Save $125.9610% OFF US$299.00
SKU: F8102XM1-L w/RD16-II: Factory IrregularAdd to Cart
Advanced Rotator RD8-II$179.95 Save $70.0010% OFF US$109.95
SKU: F1180XAdvanced Rotator RD8-II: Factory IrregularAdd to Cart


Dual Axis Mecha C2-E1 With NN3 MK2NEW20% OFF US$349.95
SKU: F9920Dual Axis Mecha C2-E1 With NN3 MK2Add to Cart
Dual Axis MECHA C2-E1 With NN3 MK3 and Nadir AdapterNEW20% OFF US$449.95
SKU: F9921Dual Axis MECHA C2-E1 With NN3 MK3 and Nadir AdapterAdd to Cart
Dual Axis MECHA C1-E1 w/NN3 MK3 and Nadir Adapter20% OFF US$599.95
SKU: F9906-5Dual Axis MECHA C1-E1 w/NN3 MK3 and Nadir Adapter: Full SetAdd to Cart
Dual Axis MECHA C2-E2 With NN6 and Nadir AdapterNEW15% OFF US$519.95
SKU: F9922Dual Axis MECHA C2-E2 With NN6 and Nadir AdapterAdd to Cart
Dual-Axis MECHA C2-P1-E2 With NN6 and Nadir AdapterNEW10% OFF US$599.95
SKU: F9923Dual-Axis MECHA C2-P1-E2 With NN6 and Nadir AdapterAdd to Cart
MECHA C1-E1 Single Axis Bundle20% OFF US$350.00
SKU: F9905-1MECHA C1-E1 Single Axis Bundle: R1 Tilt Head with CaseAdd to Cart
MECHA E1 / C1 with Stereoscopic Compact Dual Lens Ring mountNEW20% OFF US$515.00
SKU: F9905-8MECHA E1 / C1 with Stereoscopic Compact Dual Lens Ring mountAdd to Cart

On Sale

EZ-Leveler II$99.95 Save $29.9810% OFF US$69.97
SKU: F3140EZ-Leveler II: With CaseAdd to Cart
M Series Nadir Adapter$59.95 Save $24.0015% OFF US$35.95
SKU: F8301M Series Nadir AdapterAdd to Cart
M2 to M2 Giga Upgrade Kit$299.95 Save $60.0010% OFF US$239.95
SKU: F9010M2 to M2 Giga Upgrade KitAdd to Cart
Object Turntable - 10 inch$20.00 Save $10.0010% OFF US$10.00
SKU: F9100Object Turntable - 10 inchAdd to Cart
Advanced Rotator RD4 Factory Irregular$99.95 Save $60.0010% OFF US$39.95
SKU: F9405XAdvanced Rotator RD4 Factory IrregularAdd to Cart

Fanotec has over 17 years of experience in building products specifically designed for panoramic and high-resolution photographers.
We know firsthand what users need. Our first pano head, produced in 2004, is still being used today.
Fanotec advanced with state-of-the-art CAD and CNC machinery resulting in higher precision products, including advanced rotators allowing more pano head configurations, and ring clamp style pano heads.
Also added to the product line, turntables for those doing object movies, accessories and add-ons to many products, modular pano heads, modular carbon fiber poles, Fanotec's Nodal Ninja M2 Giga with its patented design allowing for super high resolution gigapixel photography, to name just a few of them.
In early 2019 the MECHA was born. Consumer technology meeting customer needs with a very affordable price tag under $300.
First in the lineup is the auto-rotator (E1) with the single axis controller (C1). Precision built with quality motors, components and circuitry. It’s capable of controlling camera functions autonomously with the push of 1 of 3 buttons which actuate onboard customizable preset sequences. Users can also control the MECHA via Wi-Fi through a mobile device web browser, no app required. Firmware updates are also accomplished wirelessly through the Internet.
Other uses include the ability to shoot stereoscopic 3d panoramas, turntable object VR, image bracketing for HDR, time-lapse photos, video applications, and more.
Next are auto-rotators of varying sizes and weight load capacities along with additional features to include a dedicated dual-axis controller with an OLED display. The rotators are modular and can be used with different controllers supporting up to 4 axis (to allow use on slider rails and cables).
Users will be able to create spherical multi-row panoramas as well as extreme high-resolution, gigapixel imagery with a price point under $500.
Fanotec leads the industry in providing panoramic hardware solutions.

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