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Advanced Rotator D10

Advanced Rotator D10
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   Suitable for fisheye, wide 
angle and telephoto lenses
  10 different degree 
stop increments
  Precise indexed
  Compatible with multi-row
and single row Nodal Ninja

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Advanced Rotator D10


  • SKU: F1140
  • UPC Code: 641378089725

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Many people have requested a rotator that has the size of advanced Rotator D5 but with more detent options. Advanced Rotator D10 is the answer. Thanks to the dual plunger design, where the second plunger divides the rotation interval in half, it achieves the best balance of size and versatility.


  • Compact, lightweight with 10 detent options ranging from 90 to 5 degrees that can be changed on the fly.
  • Suitable for fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses up to 200mm equivalent focal length.
  • CNC machining with tight tolerances for precise positioning of at each interval.
  • M5 sockets for mounting an NN3 MK3/ R1/ R10/ R20/ RS-1, QRC-30/ QRC-35/ QRC-38DS.
  • Center M6 sockets with anti-twisting sockets for mounting NN3 MK2/ NN4/ NN5/ NN6/ QRC-40A/ QRC-40L/ QRC-55/ QRC-65.
  • 10 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
    • 5 (72 stops)*
    • 7.5 (48 stops)*
    • 10 (36 stops)
    • 15 (24 stops)
    • 18 (20 stops)*
    • 30 (12 stops)*
    • 36 (10 stops)
    • 45 (8 stops)*
    • 60 (6 stops)
    • 90 (4 stops)
*Requires dual detent plungers.

Note: Mouting kit is included in the corresponding Nodal Ninja No Rotator packages. A M6 flat head screw is included. Mounting kit for NN3 MK2/ NN4 /NN5 should be ordered separately for owners of the corresponding starter package.


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